Shaping eCommerce with IronPlane

Future of eCommerce series: Kuba Zwolinski

January 10, 2023 IronPlane Season 2 Episode 1
Shaping eCommerce with IronPlane
Future of eCommerce series: Kuba Zwolinski
Show Notes

Kuba is the CEO of Snowdog, a unified commerce agency that's had a long-standing partnership with IronPlane.

Kuba started his career as a developer and has worked extensively with Magento -- he even served on the board of the @magento association.

In his interview with Tim, he talks about how:

- Eventually, the “e” will be removed from eCommerce
- Companies need to place even more focus on unifying the shopper experience
- AI and ML technologies are great, but some businesses will also want to use no-code solutions 
- After four or five years, tech debt can become a serious problem and blocker to growth
- Marketplaces are an interesting, evolving field
- Composable makes sense for many businesses, but it’s way over-complicated for others

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00:00 Future of eCommerce with Kuba Zwolinski
04:15 How eCommerce will just be "Commerce"
06:18 eCommerce platforms today and how to choose the right one
15:09 Marketplaces in eCommerce
25:47 Adobe Commerce vs. Magento Open Source
28:13 You'll still need a trusted partner to implement Adobe Commerce/Adobe Commerce Cloud
30:29 Mage-OS
35:39 The value of the Open Source community
38:10 His take on headless and composable
41:32 The importance of thoughtful platform selection
46:17 Prioritizing your agency selection as much as, if not more than, your platform selection
47:16 How agencies help eCommerce businesses
52:18 New eCommerce technology to watch